A Lesson In Repression

by Black International

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  • Your choice of the album on CD or cassette in custom packaging.

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released October 30, 2015

Written and Performed by Black International. Recorded at Chateau P and Chamber Studio, Edinburgh. Engineered and mixed by Andrew Bush. Additional recording by Niall Sinclair. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New York.

Good Grief Records, 2015.

© All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Black International City of Edinburgh

new wave punk rock noise pop

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Track Name: Shining Swords
Let me in from the dark
I’m not frightened I’m just sick
& tired of playing this part
And if you offer yourself
I’ll take my chance and
Beat these words into shining swords
But they’re still blunt in my hands

This is why I can’t lie
Though you would never guess
I’d grind your thoughts in my mouth
And spit them out again
With shards of tooth
And makeshift sympathy

Threads of infinite life
Wrapped around an effigy
That’s infamous in my eyes
And I still shiver inside

Blinking in the brake-lights
I thought you’d never guess
That with my flashing canines
I’d take you down a peg
And eat your heart
With tasteful empathy

We wake up with
The stink of love
Clinging to us
But when you fly
Into the distance
I struggle to see you
Track Name: A Fence To Keep People Out
This isn’t happening
Sleep now, rest your weary head
You should’ve listened
But take heart
Hurt / action / disarray
Obscene delights and denials
Milking the same vein
Twisting like a snake
You get what you pay for

Around your mind
A fence to keep people out
Your fragile insect wings
Delicate as a flower
Iridescent against
The dissipating clouds
Keep your eyes closed tight
“A lesson in repression”?
Fine, call it what you like

You seem alive
I can’t deny your pulse is
Right off the chart
A pin-prick on a membrane
I could be wrong
As I’m so often informed
Whispered in tongues
Scratched out in signs
And vague codes
Track Name: Animal Without Backbone
I help myself to her gifts
Dished up with every shake of her hips
They bring me out from under my stone
Like an animal without a backbone

In the light of the moon
She’ll remake my face
Glass eyes, cat’s eyes tied in place
Frayed lips part from
A fracture-like grin
Felt-tip lines on tightened skin

An under-bite, a jaw wired shut
Words tangled up
Vulpine vowels, an inarticulate howl
The things I’ve seen
In those magazines…

Last night the stars were wreathed in black
I stared into the void
And the void stared back
I’ll wait here for what I like
I’ll wait here for what I lack
Track Name: A Constellation
You and I are drifting on the breeze
Like paper bags, blown litter
A constellation in the leaves
That’s kicked apart, then back together
Our see-through plastic hearts
Bird feather brains and wooden arms
Make contact

But given time we’ll satisfy
Our appetites for stuff
We were warned about
Blink your blue placid eyes
And we’ll stumble onwards

Your past is my future
So take your medicine again
Then hide it away
My past is your future
I’ll take my medicine again
And hide it away
Track Name: Silence
Yeah, I'm full up with love
Would you believe me if I
Drew the sadness out from you?
I guess you're naive enough
But I said "silence"
I said

Your Royal Highness
Some loyal subject I'd make
Take your head, shove it on a stake
And we'd warm our own
With the heat from your bones
I'd suffer silence
Perpetual silence
Fantastic silence
I said

Before the breath's sucked from my lungs
And I'm ripped into a million pieces;
One final sweet intake of air
And a prayer to whatever might hear it

Hide yourself deeper inside
Hide your self deeper in side

Track Name: Dewdrops
A town half asleep
To hear you howling
Like a bitch in season
This dog’s in heat

I will hurt you

I see you coming
Into my shit scheme
Eyes to the ground
It takes a wasted education
To know what I’ve found

I will hurt you
Track Name: In The Lion's Den
I’m stitched up
In the lion’s den
Bad stuff floats to the top
Just ‘cos I get so sentimental
You know I should’ve let it go

Are you taking the lot?
Was it something I said?
Oh, how typical
I’ve been lying to myself
For so long
Let it come down

I’ll suck it up and suffer
Sleepless nights from time to time
Squirming lusts burn like ice
Wet sheets, bleached; electrolytes
I claim the prize
For ‘The Man Least Likely To’

You know me
I can make what you need
Come alive
And take you over
Track Name: In The Sun
In the sun, paint peeling on my windowpane and
I can contemplate the buzzing in the lines between us
A fiction, a windblown city and the ghosts
Of countless actions I wouldn't ever recognise
Now I put my faith in higher numbers

I dream in crystal spires
Dead seas and ritual bonfires
In elegant chains of thought
If I cared about what I’ve got
I’d try to make things better for us
But I settled for her
From death back to birth
I settled for her

If I could taste, just once
A little passion I would happily meet my maker
The quinine trickles down
And this could be the fever talking now
But I put my faith in higher numbers

I tried to make out
Things were safe
Track Name: The Primitive Method
If I pushed up to trample you down
Milked you, fleeced you
Ensconced in antique furniture
Would you lie back
And dream of an England
Untouched by filthy foreigners?
I’ll give you the freedom
To distort the world
I’ll give you the freedom
I’ll give you a reason
To contort reality
I’ll give you a reason
To create your personal hell

They’d fight you for a scrap of meat
Son, it’s educational
And it tastes so sweet
To take what’s rightfully your own
The method of the primitive
In a four bedroom home

Well maybe you’ve heard, right?
I’m vermin of the worst kind
The rat in your kitchen
The rat that shits in your cornflakes
And in the Daily Mail; ALL HAIL

I feel like I’ve been here before
Bare-chested, dressed up like a ‘70s wrestler
Track Name: The Skeleton Of A Murdered Idea
Once I had a lively soul
I grabbed his tail then let him go
The skeleton of a murdered idea
People are the fucking worst
I’ll take you down with me
Into the sea
Into the shallow sea

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